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Scott Gelbard


About Scott Gelbard

Operating out of Vancouver with more than a decade of industry experience under his belt, Scott Gelbard is an established and knowledgeable entrepreneur operating within the cannabis space. Beginning in Denver, Colorado, in 2009, Scott grew his business, eventually expanding into Oregon, then growing into the East Coast in Maryland, and now operating out of Canada, where he has been working for the past few years. As a professional operating in the legal cannabis industry since 2009, Scott brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that he leverages to help his clients succeed. 

Scott Gelbard built the foundation of his career starting in 1999 at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida, where he began his education, before transferring to Colorado State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

After graduating, Scott founded three venture capital firms, including Regency Financial and the Regency Group, the latter of which he spent eight years operating. Since 2008, Scott Gelbard has been with Peak Ventures as Managing Partner.

Throughout his work with Peak Ventures, Scott has established and grown relationships with businesses operating within myriad industries, including real estate, information technology, alternative energy, food retail, mining, and biotechnology. 

Before joining Peak Ventures, Scott Gelbard was a part of Apis Ventures, located in Denver, Colorado, where he led the company working in both the public and private sectors in business, venture capital, investments, and transactional consulting. 

Scott has also worked with multiple MSO cannabis companies as well as Terra Ferma, Inc., MusclePharm Apparel, BTO Self Serve Yogurt, and two Hilton Head-based restaurants, Holy Tequila and Char Bar Co.,  where he served as a critical part of their success. Being on the ground floor of legal cannabis in the United States, Scott enjoys working with his clients to help them achieve a similar level of success. 

Throughout his career, Scott Gelabrd has defined himself as a knowledgeable business advisor, driven entrepreneur, and strategic consultant. He operates on an international level, assisting other businesses in Asia, North America, and Europe to replicate the model of American business success. 

Outside of his career, Scott is a family man, first and foremost. He likes to stay active and remains a fitness-focused individual who loves skiing, coaching, watching his son play hockey, and doing CrossFit. 

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