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All three of today’s tech giants, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, had great business mentors. This tradition of mentoring goes back to antiquity and can be traced back to Homer’s Odyssey. 

Nowadays, the term “mentor” refers to a wise person, a friend, or an advisor, according to Gordon Shea, who wrote a book about the concept of mentoring. This type of human development involves an individual’s time, energy, and personal know-how to help another person grow.

How it Works

In the business world, how does mentoring work? According to Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, great relationships between people and mentors can help a person grow and succeed. He said that having a good relationship with a mentor can help a person develop skills and confidence.

Most successful businesspeople will tell you that they have benefited from the advice of their mentors. Sir Richard Branson credits his mentor, Freddie Laker, with helping him develop his entire approach to business. With the rise of online interactions and face-to-face meetings, communication between parties has become highly flexible. One of the most critical factors that a person and their mentor need to consider is regular professional contact.

When and How to Meet

If the relationship is formal, regular meetings are scheduled to meet the goals and objectives of both parties. On the other hand, in more informal arrangements, the mentor might be available to help with any issues that arise.

For people looking for an informal relationship or are distanced from their mentors, e-mentoring can be a great option. This type of relationship is interactive, allowing both parties to meet up online.

How Much

Consider the level of involvement needed with your mentor. According to Miranda Morley, having a good relationship with a mentor can help a person grow and succeed. One of the essential advantages of having a mentor-mentee relationship is receiving advice from an experienced individual. This can help a person navigate the business world more effectively.

Having experienced individuals to speak to can also provide a perspective not previously considered. For instance, they can help a person understand how investors and consumers respond to different strategies.

Unlike consultants who only look into the short-term success of a business venture, mentors are committed to helping their mentees develop their skills over the long run.

Long Term Effects

One of the most significant advantages of being a part of a business mentorship program is the chance to collaborate with other professionals throughout their careers. A long-term relationship with a mentor can help new business professionals receive the necessary resources and guidance.

Confidence is sometimes all it takes to make critical decisions in the business world. A strong relationship with a successful mentor can help people make informed decisions and improve their confidence.

Most people attribute their leadership skills to the influence of influential individuals in their lives. These individuals can help them develop their skills and become influential leaders.